Tell Governor Hickenlooper this was a great step – but we’re not finished!
Governor Hickenlooper announced that Colorado will comply with the Clean Power Plan, which will be the greatest step toward fighting climate change that our country has ever taken. Yeah. That’s a big deal.  Sign the letter below to thank the Governor and tell him that, for Colorado kids, the fight for clean air is not over!

The Petition:

Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

As moms in Colorado, we are deeply concerned with air pollution and the effects it has on our children. Our kids thrive when they can play outside, and we need clean air for them to do that!

Thank you for your support and commitment to implement the Clean Power Plan and protect our kids health in Colorado.

As moms, we support the Clean Power Plan — the first ever national limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants. When finalized, this plan will be the greatest step toward fighting climate change-causing pollution that we as a nation have ever taken and Colorado leads the charge thanks to you.

Power plants are the single largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S., accounting for nearly 40% of the pollution driving climate change and dirtying the air our children breathe. And we know that air pollution puts our kids at higher risk for asthma and other lung diseases.

We are concerned moms and we want to keep dangerous pollutants out of the air so our children can breathe easy and enjoy a better, safer future.

Thank you for making Colorado a leader by supporting — and implementing — the Clean Power Plan and protecting our clean air. Colorado moms have your back. Thank you Governor Hickenlooper.



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