The State of Oil & Gas Wells Post Flooding

state-flag-of-colorado_w725_h483.jpg.w180h120Over the last week, we have all been witness to the tragic floods that have befallen our state — many of our homes, businesses, schools — our livelihoods, have been severely damaged or destroyed.  But, it’s not just our homes and farms and schools that have been affected, it’s also the oil and gas operations next door to them; as has been chronicled in the news, many pipes and storage tanks have been left submerged, broken, leaking.  These tanks and pipelines are now leaking potentially dangerous fluids into our waters and air.

This disaster has only served to amplify the myriad of issues surrounding the maintenance and regulation of oil and gas wells in Colorado.  The damage is still being assessed, but, wells have now been confirmed to be leaking into our rivers.  In the end this affects not only our water, but also our air quality with wells being damaged and venting VOC’s – low level ozone – air pollution into our air.

The State is now tracking 10 spills and releases, 2 of them large:

This disaster affects us all, to help please visit:

CMKB Invited to Meet with the Executive Director of the CDPHE

Jamie's HeadshotHi All:

Wanted to share an update with you regarding our on-going efforts to schedule a meeting with the Governor to chat about our concerns and present him with our action letter.  While we are still pushing for this meeting, we are happy to say we have been invited to meet with the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment along with the Director of the Governor’s Policy office and the Director of Environmental Programs.  We will take this opportunity to learn more about the current state of decision-making and to underscore our mission that Colorado’s leaders are doing everything they can to reduce smog inducing air emissions from oil and gas operations in order to safeguard our family’s health.  This is a great first step for CMKB, however, we are adamant that we want to hear directly from the Governor regarding his commitment to, and support for, our kid’s and communities’ health.

Jaime Travis
~ Head Mom of Colorado Moms Knows Best

Andrea R., Mom of Two, Boulder County


Meet Andrea R., Mother of 2, living in Boulder County:

When I first moved to Erie I had no idea that I was moving to the middle of an oil field.  I saw the condensate tanks and I really had no idea that they were related to oil and gas development. That is until I received an email from my neighbor about fracking site about 600 yards from my children’s’ school.  I had not previously heard of hydraulic fracturing so I looked into it.  What I found disturbed me; fresh water permanently taken from the Earths hydrologic cycle, laced with toxic, cancer causing chemicals; being injected into the ground.  Not to mention the toxic wastewater that is produced and the pollution inducing emissions that leak from the tanks and pipes.  I was appalled that this type of heavy industrial activity would be occurring a mere few hundred feet from people’s homes, schools and parks.

The Oil and Gas Industry are a major contributing factor to the diminished air quality along the Front Range.  They are responsible for 30% of all methane emissions and in turn are responsible for the increase of lung damaging ozone along the Front Range.  The industry needs to be held accountable for polluting our air and they need to institute some common sense measures to cut down on smog inducing pollution.

~ Andrea R.