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…so we fight for it. And our children. Every day. We want our kids to grow up healthy, breathing in clean air, not sitting inside because of another day of bad air quality.

We Need Your Help To Protect Kid’s Health and Renewable Energy Standards

IMG_4159Last week, mamas with Colorado Moms Know Best and their kids went on an adventure to the Denver Children’s Museum for Children’s Hospital’s “Healthy Kids-Mountain Air” event. It was a fun way to connect the need for clean air with kids’ health and the joys of kids playing in Colorado’s great outdoors – one of our most basic values. As you know, CMKB exists to ask Colorado’s elected officials to keep our kids healthy and work for their bright future by protecting our air, land and water – and we can’t keep Colorado healthy without their leadership and support.


Strong Air Quality Standards Finally Approved!

Denver Post Headline
By Bruce Finley 02/23/2014


This past weekend the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) passed the strong air quality standards Governor Hickenlooper proposed without any weakening amendments. It’s a huge victory for clean air and the health or our kids! There’s no denying that the phone calls, emails and testimony from moms supporting these rules played a big role, not only in getting this approved but also in preventing the oil & gas industry’s many attempts to weaken it.  Just goes to show when Colorado moms work together we can enact real change for Colorado families!

I wanted to share with you an excerpt of my remarks at the AQCC hearing last week about the importance of enacting strong air quality rules:


Colorado Moms Know Best Send Valentine Singing Telegram to Governor Hickenlooper

Colorado Moms Know Best Send Valentine Singing Telegram to Governor

DENVER – Today Colorado Moms Know Best sent a Valentine’s Day singing telegram to the Governor to show their appreciation for his leadership in crafting strong Air Quality Control Commission standards.
“Colorado moms are so happy that the Governor has shown leadership in bringing together affected families, nonprofit organizations and industry leaders to find solutions that protect the health of our kids and the air they breathe,” said Jaime Travis, “head mom” of Colorado Moms Know Best. “So moms wanted to take this opportunity to ask Gov. Hickenlooper: Will you be our Valentine for championing clean, healthy air for all Colorado kids?”


Happy Holidays – Rest Up!

clean_air_blowA lot has happened in the last couple of months with Colorado Moms Know Best!

After meetings at the capitol, running some ads with health professionals and even getting a guest editorial printed in the Denver Post; Governor Hickenlooper proposed the strongest air quality standards for oil & gas emissions in the country!  (more…)

Colorado Moms Deliver Petitions to Gov. Demanding Better Air Quality Rules



Wed., Oct. 30, 2013 
Contact:  Jenny Davies-Schley, 720-296-9545
Colorado Moms Deliver Petitions to Gov. Demanding Better Air Quality Rules
Gas Patch Kids: “We’re counting on Gov. Hickenlooper to protect our health”
DENVER – After waiting since June for a meeting with Gov. John Hickenlooper, three moms from the grassroots network Colorado Moms Know Best decided to just show up at his office to deliver a petition signed by more than 8,000 Colorado moms today; it calls for common sense yet innovative standards to control oil and gas emissions, which can harm kids’ health.  The Air Quality Control Commission is expected to issue draft rules in early November – recommendations by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for more lenient rules allowing higher levels of air pollution were leaked yesterday.   
“We were shocked and angry when learned that after almost a year of meetings, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is recommending air pollution rules that are weaker instead of stronger,” said Jaime Travis, “head mom” of Colorado Moms Know Best.  “The bottom line is that moms are counting on Gov. Hickenlooper to protect the health of our kids.” 
Since the event was held during school hours, the moms brought 18 “Gas Patch Kids” – Cabbage Patch dolls to represent real kids living in areas impacted by oil and gas development.  Each Gas Patch Kid will start telling their own stories through social media to educate the public about the negative health effects of air pollution from oil and gas operations can have on child health. 
“It is 100 percent unacceptable to allow companies to spew even more pollutants into the air my kids breathe every time they play outside, right next to our backyard,” said Andrea Roy, Erie mom and supporter of the Colorado Moms Know Best network.  “While I am furious that the rules seem to be getting weaker rather than stronger, I have hope that Gov. Hickenlooper will intervene since he said that not only does he want Colorado to be the healthiest state in the country, but that we should have a zero tolerance policy for methane emissions, as well.”
Oil and gas development is growing in Colorado  – since 2000, statewide drilling for oil and gas has more than doubled and drilling has nearly tripled in the Front Range. With that development there has been an increase in smog inducing air pollution around oil and gas sites now moving in residential areas.  These noxious emissions can worsen and even cause asthma, gastrointestinal problems, constant bloody noses and other illnesses.  According to American Lung Association already one out of 10 children have asthma in Colorado, an even higher rate than in adults because their lungs are still developing. 
The moms are advocating for air quality rules that require the oil and gas industry to:
* Stop natural gas venting (including methane)
* Use capture technologies on storage tanks
* Disclose chemical emissions
* Use state of the art infrared cameras to detect leaks and repair drilling leaks quickly
Regulators in Colorado have identified the oil and gas industry as the biggest source of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions and methane in the state. Methane, the primary component of natural gas, is one of the main greenhouse gases contributing to climate change and VOCs are one of the major contributors to ozone pollution.
Colorado Moms Know Best is a casual network of moms and friends that are looking out for our children’s health and well-being by protecting Colorado’s outdoors and quality of life. 

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