About Us


Air pollution impacts our kids’ health whether you live in a in a rural area, city or suburb, in the mountains or on the Eastern Plains or if you live in a community with oil and gas operations or a power plant nearby. We pick our priorities based on how we can tackle the issue of pollution to promote cleaner air for our children.

What’s so bad about pollution?

Did you know the American Lung Association gives failing grades to nine Colorado counties in their recent State of the Air report? Most of those counties are on the Front Range but the rest of the state regularly experiences harmful smog, carbon, and ozone pollution, too. The thing with air is that it doesn’t stay in one place. Our air can’t handle more pollution – from any source – and we must do everything we can to make sure that the air our children breathe won’t make them sick.

Extended exposure to ground level ozone – the primary pollution problem in Colorado – can cause respiratory diseases, allergic or immune problems, and permanently scarred lung tissue in children. It also causes health problems like acute eye irritation, chest congestion, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath and even heart attacks and premature death.Ozone and carbon pollution can also aggravate bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, and other cardiopulmonary diseases.

What’s more, babies and children are more vulnerable to many of the associated health effects generated from dirty energy operations because their lungs are still developing, potentially causing problems for the rest of their lives. Already in Colorado, approximately 1 out of 12 children have asthma.

How we work

The negative impact of air pollution on our kids’ health is why we do what we do. We organize creative events with our kids to reach local elected officials, other decision-makers, and the media. From meeting with firefighters to partnering with the Girl Scouts on a Climate Change patch, we make each outing both educational to the media and decision-makers, as well as entertaining for our kids and parents.

We worked tirelessly to push for a healthy balance in Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission rules for methane air pollution from oil and gas production (read more about it here or here), we loudly supported the Clean Air Plan, and more recently, we went on a family hike with the Lt. Governor to talk about our kids’ health and Colorado’s future.

Colorado was the first state to limit methane pollution from oil and gas operations as well as the first state to pass a ballot initiative setting a renewable energy standard. It’s this type of leadership that we expect of Colorado – we are a state that can take on a challenge, find balance and make sure future generations have healthy air!

We also use our online presence to draw attention to the issues impacting our families all across Colorado. Check out our Facebook page or Twitter feed for examples of previous events –  be sure to follow us too!

Our Priorities

Thankfully, Colorado is a national leader on encouraging clean energy, to protect our air while growing our economy.

We believe that one of the best ways to clean our air and create a healthy environment for our children to grow up in, is to increase our homes’ and cities’ energy efficiency. If we use less energy in our day-to-day lives, we’ll lessen our reliance on dirty fossil fuels. Using less energy helps our pocketbooks and reduces the amount of pollution that dirty energy pumps into the air our kids breathe.

Colorado has had a strong  commitment to increasing our renewable energy use in state.  However, there are continual attacks on these efforts despite knowing voters support clean, renewable energy. We need to make sure that our decision makers and power companies know that moms want Colorado to continue being a leader and stand up for our kids’ futures.

Standing up for renewable energy is standing up for our kids’ clean air and future!

Colorado’s outdoors and quality of life;  it’s a big reason why live, work, play and raise our families here. The more time kids spend playing outdoors, the healthier they are.  

The moms network will share news, updates and weigh in on protecting our parks, National Monuments, public lands and outdoor treasures in Colorado; keeping wild spaces open and free from pollution are key. We invite you to join us in protecting Colorado’s great outdoors for future generations.

Are you with us?