What does the state legislature have to do with my family?

Colorado’s state legislature is back in session! What does this mean for the average Colorado resident? 

It means decisions are being made that affect our day to day lives. 

Things like what the state spends our tax dollars on, school testing and decisions that impact our air today and our kids’ futures tomorrow. This is our chance to make sure our state representatives are truly representing us and make sure our voices are heard!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the state legislature it is made up of 100 individuals – 65 Representatives in the House and 35 Senators in the Senate. We all have one Representative and one Senator. They meet for about 120 days from now until the first part of May. They, with the Governor, determine our state budget and pass laws necessary to run the state.

The best part? You have a say in all of it!

We know parents have a million (and one!) things on their plates every day but that you also care about your children’s wellbeing and future. We all want to feel that we’re doing the very best we can to protect our kids and give them every opportunity to succeed. That’s why we monitor the state legislature for you! 

Make sure you are signed up for our emails and we’ll let you know when an important bill that affects our children’s health and our Colorado outdoor way of life – our clean air and energy, climate change and public lands – is being discussed.

You’ll only hear from us when critical bills come up for debate and when your legislators need to hear from you to ensure they are protecting our interests rather than those of big polluters. 

This session we expect bills on air toxics and transportation, among others.  For example, one bill that is being discussed is an Air Toxics bill which will protect communities by limiting toxic pollution that can be emitted into the air. These are toxins that can damage our health, particularly that of sensitive populations like children! 

We’ll let you know when you can support such action and give you an easy way to send comments, either pre-written or in your own words, to your representatives.

For more information on how to reach your legislator, check out one of our short instructional videos here:

If you’re interested you can find your Representative and Senator by going to the state legislature’s website here. You can also see what is being discussed each day and read about specific bills on this site

Or just stay tuned and we’ll let you know when important bills are up for discussion and how you can have a say on issues impacting our kids!