Colorado goes electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie

Air pollution not only affects our kids’ health in the short term, but transportation is the largest emitter of carbon pollution nationally that threatens their future as well. Reducing emissions from the transportation sector is therefore one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon pollution so we can give our kids a brighter future.

Fortunately for those of us raising our kids in Colorado our new Governor, Jared Polis, is off to a great start embracing and promoting clean air! Governor Polis has announced his first executive order – Supporting a Transition to Electric Vehicles. It states several ways the state will support the transition including that the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) will consider a Zero Emission Vehicle standard for Colorado. This will mean more consumer choices and electric vehicles on the road in Colorado and is great news! (We’ll keep you updated on how you can help make it happen.)

Electric vehicles are so much more efficient than traditional vehicles that they are always cleaner regardless of the energy on the grid but get even better as the electricity to charge them gets cleaner, a trend we are enjoying in Colorado. Due to the damage that pollutants do to everyone’s health but particularly that of our children, we are hoping the Governor will continue ‘down that road’ of encouraging electric vehicles and reducing carbon pollution. Pollution not only causes asthma attacks and other respiratory problems but can also harm circulatory systems, cause developmental problems and damage the cardiovascular system.

In other good clean air news – the AQCC passed a Low Emission Vehicle standard in November. That means that Colorado will get to maintain the current air quality standards for vehicles sold in our state. Other states that haven’t passed such a standard are likely to have their air quality standards reduced by the Trump Administration. Keeping the current standards means about 30 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions won’t be dumped into the air by 2030 that otherwise would.  Moms approve!

It’s thanks to all of us who speak up for our kids that our leaders are leading on this issue. We need to continue to communicate with them and encourage them to do all they can to protect our kids.  We’ll keep you updated on ways you can do that so stay tuned!

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