Electric vehicles are here to stay!

Have you thought of making the next family vehicle an electric vehicle (EV)? You are not alone! In fact, more and more people are making the switch. Many people are tired of pouring money into their gas-fueled vehicle with the constant fill-ups, oil changes and more. Others are motivated to ensure a healthier future for their kids by reducing their carbon footprint.

One of the many reasons we love electric vehicles is because they produce less pollutants – meaning cleaner air for our kids! Of course, the source of the electricity, a coal-fired power plant vs renewable energy, will have an impact on air quality, but electric vehicles are so much more efficient that they are always significantly cleaner than traditional gas-fueled vehicles.

You’d think we’d all be driving electric vehicles with those benefits! Unfortunately, one of the main constraints has been the lack of charging stations – giving people ‘range anxiety’.  Fortunately, charging infrastructure is catching up.! There are now more than 47,000 public EV charging outlets across the U.S., according to the Energy Department’s Alternative Fuels Data Center — up from 25,602 just three years ago.  

Yesterday, Governor Hickenlooper delivered more good news when he released the “Colorado Electric Vehicles Plan,” which he says will serve “as a road-map to build out a fast-charging network, giving Coloradans the ability to travel anywhere in the state in an EV.” The Colorado Electric Vehicles Plan creates strategies and partnerships to build out EV corridors and to ensure access for all Coloradans.

Which is important considering Colorado is one of the top 10 states in the number of electric vehicles per capita.

We hope that our state policy makers engage on this issue soon and build upon governor Hickenlooper’s leadership.

We want to hear from you about electric vehicles! Let us know what you like about your EV if you have one or what you would like to see change by filling out this survey today. Everyone who takes our poll will be entered for our door prize giveaway for a bouncy castle rental!