Thank you, Governor Hickenlooper!

Recently Governor Hickenlooper issued an executive order that set specific goals for Colorado to reduce our greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions, and to reduce overall electricity use. He also announced that Colorado will join the U.S. Climate Alliance. By doing so, he is committing our state to meeting targets laid out in the Paris Climate Accord. You can see more details here.

Less pollution and fewer dirty emissions means cleaner air to help us raise healthier kids. This will mean less high ozone action days which means we can all feel better about getting our kids into the great outdoors to play without worrying about impacts of smog on their lungs.

You and I helped make this happen! We hiked with Lt. Governor Lynne, held an ice-skating “skate-in”, and we called, wrote and visited the Governor’s office.

I know that for me, my daughter is my inspiration for making those calls and writing letters to elected officials. There’s nothing more important to me than her. And I know, that for so many other moms out there, it’s the same. Today we can take pride in the fact that our actions have paid off. We and other concerned Colorado citizens let the Governor know that we want cleaner air. We want our kids to have a bright future.  Because so many of us reached out to make sure he understood our priorities, it worked.

There are so many times when we feel that our voices are not being heard, that money and lobbyists have more sway with decision makers than a bunch of moms that just care about their kids. This is an important reminder that we are making a difference. That we need to continue to make those calls and show up at meetings. It’s working!

We also need to thank our elected officials when they face up to pressure by those lobbyists and do the right thing.

Please join me in thanking Governor Hickenlooper by clicking here to send him a quick email. It means he’ll be more likely to stand up for our kids next time and more likely to make sure the goals he set for our state are met.