Why methane is a big deal

Since we were founded, Colorado Moms Know Best has advocated for reductions in methane pollution. For us, the reasons for doing so are clear every time we look at our kids: it all comes back to their health. Methane pollution from oil and gas operations contains chemicals that lower our air quality, exacerbating asthma and contributing to other respiratory problems – particularly in children.

Did you know that one in ten children suffer from asthma in Colorado?

Fortunately, the Obama Administration developed the Methane and Waste Prevention Rule, helping to protect the air that our children breathe. These safeguards were inspired by Colorado’s own methane protections put in place by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (if you have been with us since the beginning, then you may remember that organizing around those safeguards was our first public foray into fighting for clean air).

After following Colorado’s lead, the safeguards were developed at the national level over five years and were shaped by the more than 300,000 comments that the government received during that process. The safeguards protect public health and ensure that valuable energy and taxpayer dollars are not simply burned away into the sky. Seems like common sense, right?

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, the House of Representatives passed a little-used Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to repeal these methane safeguards. Even more concerning is that by using a CRA resolution, any future administration will be prevented from ever enacting a rule that is substantially similar.

We cannot let that happen. We must stand up for our children.

To protect our Colorado outdoor opportunities and way of life, we need the U.S. Senate to stand up for our children’s health and stop the CRA resolution. I sent a letter to our U.S. Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet asking them to vote no. But, I need your voice too. Please pledge to call our Senators today and ask them to protect your kids!


Call Colorado’s Senators at the numbers here and ask them to stand up for Colorado — protect the health of our children, in addition to avoiding waste of energy and taxpayer dollars, ask them to vote no on the BLM CRA and further, to take a leadership role on this issue.  Let them know that Colorado parents are counting on them to do the right thing for the health of their children and to ensure that we have the cleanest air in the country.

As we have seen with other issues and votes already — every single call will make a difference!

If you need help knowing what to say, below is a sample call script for this issue:

Hi Senator, my name is [first & last name] & I live in [zip code]. I’m calling to ask you to VOTE NO on a CRA for the Bureau of Land Management’s Methane and Waste Prevention Rule. Colorado has led the way on this issue and its Senators need to continue the momentum. The rule requires the capture of methane rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. Our natural resources belong to the American people; we cannot let D.C. and congress shortchange taxpayers, damage public health including that of our children, and compromise our national security by passing a CRA resolution blocking these recent BLM reforms.

Call their DC offices or the office nearest you:

Senator Cory Gardner’s offices:

  • Colorado Springs (719) 632-6706
  • Denver (303) 391-5777
  • Durango (970) 415-7416
  • Fort Collins (970) 484-3502
  • Grand Junction (970) 245-9553
  • Greeley (970) 352-5546
  • Pueblo (719) 543-1324
  • Yuma (970) 848-3095

Senator Michael Bennet offices:

  • Alamosa 719-587-0096
  • Colorado Springs 719-328-1100
  • Denver 303-455-7600
  • Durango 970-259-1710
  • Fort Collins 970-224-2200
  • Grand Junction 970-241-6631
  • Pueblo 719-542-7550