Standing up for clean air should be obvious

I am really thankful to live in Colorado, where I can hike, bike and ski in the great outdoors with my children. That’s one of the reasons I completely agree with Gov. Hickenlooper who said earlier this week: “Clean Air and protecting public health should be everyone’s top priority.”

The Clean Power Plan will reduce air pollution from outdated power plants. The facts are clear – the plan will make kids and grandparents healthier. So I am upset that Attorney General Coffman has joined the lawsuit challenging the Clean Power Plan, the single most important thing we can do to clean up the air our children and elders breathe.

The Colorado way is to collaborate to find solutions to the challenges our state faces. For years we have developed bipartisan clean air policies, garnering input from businesses, industry, government and the public. We can find our own way of implementing the Clean Power Plan that will preserve our clean air and way of life that is important to attracting new businesses and workers to Colorado, as well as grow our state’s clean tech economy.

Thanks Gov. Hickenlooper for defending the Clean Power Plan – it’s good for kids and for commerce, a win-win all around.