A reason to celebrate!

Moms have a reason to celebrate today – the EPA released Clean Power Plan rules that will improve the health of our kids!

We all expect that the air we breathe is safe. But right now, power plants dump carbon and other pollution into the air that causes childhood asthma and other respiratory illnesses. No one wants that.

As a mom I am willing to fight all day long for my kids to play in the great outdoors, just like I did growing up. So I couldn’t be more excited that the EPA is standing with parents to create a Clean Power Plan that will offer credits and other incentives to shift to renewable energy.

Climate change and a lack of clean air are hurting our children and their future. As Dr. Ivor Douglas from Denver Health said, “Compared with my patients today, a girl born in 2015 will have a three-fold higher chance of extreme heat exposure and critical illness than her parents.”

We have a moral obligation to continue making Colorado a cleaner and healthier state to raise our families. Today is a great day for families who want their kids to run and play outdoors without risking their health. Thanks, Clean Power Plan!

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– Emma


PS: Don’t forget to check out our press release below too:

Moms Applaud Clean Power Plan Rules to Clean Up Air Kids Breathe
Optimistic about the positive health benefits for kids and families

DENVER – Parents active with Colorado Moms Know Best are celebrating the Environmental Protection Agency’s release of Clean Power Plan rules today. The rules are expected to lead to a 35% decrease in carbon emissions in Colorado by 2030, which will improve air quality and kids’ health.

“Moms believe we have a moral obligation to protect children’s health and future, ensuring they have clean air is one of the very basics,” said Emma Pinter, “head mom” with Colorado Moms Know Best. “Cleaning up air pollution from power plants will decrease illnesses like childhood asthma that not only slow our kids down but also cost us billions of dollars each year.”

Air pollution is a major contributor to childhood asthma, a serious illness that accounts for more hospitalizations than any other chronic illness. One out of 10 Colorado kids have asthma, more than 135,000 kids across the state, and over 40% of those reported missing at least one day of school last year due to the condition.

“Colorado is in great shape to meet the standards since we’re already on track to reduce carbon pollution by 75% with policies already in place,” said Dana Gutwein. “I’m so proud to be a Coloradan, knowing we will be committed to putting the rules into motion because we value clean air, healthy kids and our outdoor lifestyle.”

Colorado has been a leader in renewable energy. In 2004, Coloradans passed the first state ballot initiative to establish a renewable energy standards; 29 states and the District of Columbia have since adopted similar standards. In the years since, Colorado has added tens of thousands of clean tech jobs with an average salary of $78,000, according to the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Energy Cluster report.   

Colorado Moms Know Best helped influence Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission to adopt stricter air quality standards for oil and gas operations in the state of Colorado – and has been engaged in a campaign to promote the EPA’s Clean Air Power Plant rules.