CONFIRMED: Cleaner Air = Healthier Kids

New England Journal of Medicine logoBrand-new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that decreasing air pollution leads to bigger, stronger lungs in school-age children. Researchers found that as nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter levels dropped in the Los Angeles basin, kids’ respiratory health improved.

“Everybody is working to improve the air quality here and I think we are reaping the benefits,” said Cathleen Imbroane, principal of Elizabeth Hudson K-8 in Long Beach. “I rarely see a kid come into the office with respiratory distress…and there’s a big difference in the number of kids reporting asthma-like symptoms and coming in to get an inhaler.”

As moms, we instinctually knew that air pollution was bad for our kids. This study confirms that air quality regulations protect children – which makes us even more committed to advocating for the EPA Clean Power Plan to cutting dirty coal emissions from power plants. Our kids’ health depends on it!

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