We Need Your Help To Protect Kid’s Health and Renewable Energy Standards

IMG_4159Last week, mamas with Colorado Moms Know Best and their kids went on an adventure to the Denver Children’s Museum for Children’s Hospital’s “Healthy Kids-Mountain Air” event. It was a fun way to connect the need for clean air with kids’ health and the joys of kids playing in Colorado’s great outdoors – one of our most basic values. As you know, CMKB exists to ask Colorado’s elected officials to keep our kids healthy and work for their bright future by protecting our air, land and water – and we can’t keep Colorado healthy without their leadership and support.

We are proud of Colorado leadership and our renewable energy story.

Colorado was the first state in the nation to vote to establish a baseline that 30% of our energy should be from renewables by 2020.  That’s a meaningful number that can have a real positive impact on clean air and good jobs we can feel proud about.

 Clean air for healthy lungs, great jobs for our future kids careers

Increasing renewable energy means cleaner air, with less pollution.  Studies show that cleaning up pollution reduces health risks for children.  Not only that, the clean tech industry creates high paying, exciting and feel-good jobs in the clean-tech industry. In 2012 the average salary for clean-tech jobs was $78,000. Everything about high-paying, science jobs are things we want for our kids – challenging, meaningful and forward-thinking careers.

 It’s also just good business.

Retaining the renewable energy standard makes good business sense. In fact, both Xcel and Tri-State generate renewable sources above and beyond those required by standards simply because of renewables are the cheapest resource to serve their customers.

But now there’s a proposal to cut that progress in half.

A few weeks ago we posted on Facebook about a new Colorado Senate bill that would roll back the minimum percentage of renewable energy required for utilities from the current 20% level down to 15% and from 30% down to 15% for 2020.  That would be chopping the standard in half.  Instead of converting to renewable energy, it would mean continuing to use more coal to power our state, and our homes.

 Living in pollution has serious impacts on kids health.

Burning coal emits air pollution, and according to the American Lung Association, pollution causes serious health problems, especially for kids.  For example, one study from Southern California’s Children Health found that kids who grew up in polluted areas had underdeveloped lungs, which will never recover to their full capacity.  The affects were similar to the impact of growing up with a parent who smoked.

Let’s keep our clean air, bright futures, healthy Colorado. 

At CMKB, we believe health comes first.  Let’s work toward less pollution, not more by standing up for our current renewable energy standards. Our utilities are already on track to meet or in some cases, exceed them.  They generate high paying clean tech jobs.  Most importantly, it cleans up our air and puts our kids’ health first.  Please help defeat this new bill and share the information on Facebook and Twitter – Defend #renewCO!