Strong Air Quality Standards Finally Approved!

Denver Post Headline
By Bruce Finley 02/23/2014


This past weekend the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) passed the strong air quality standards Governor Hickenlooper proposed without any weakening amendments. It’s a huge victory for clean air and the health or our kids! There’s no denying that the phone calls, emails and testimony from moms supporting these rules played a big role, not only in getting this approved but also in preventing the oil & gas industry’s many attempts to weaken it.  Just goes to show when Colorado moms work together we can enact real change for Colorado families!

I wanted to share with you an excerpt of my remarks at the AQCC hearing last week about the importance of enacting strong air quality rules:

“…Today I have the honor of speaking for a mother in Erie whose children’s school and playground are less than 1000ft from a large oil and gas pad that, without these strong new rules, will continue to emit untold amounts of chemicals into the air. And for the mother in Grand Junction and her children who suffer from chronic asthma and nosebleeds and who constantly worries about the air her children breathe; these are the real people whose lives are inextricably linked to the decisions this commission is tasked to make.

…We can all agree that the oil and gas industry brings great economic benefit to our state; however, this benefit comes with great responsibility – a responsibility to ensure that we are implementing the very best practices to keep our air clean and protect the health of Colorado’s families. At Colorado Moms Know Best we know that our state’s greatest asset is above ground, not below. We all have a moral obligation to protect our kids. Therefore, on behalf of all those moms sending their children out to play, I ask the commission to follow Governor Hickenlooper’s lead and adopt the rules as proposed. We need strong rules to ensure our children don’t pay the price with their health.”

Thank you to each of who spoke out on behalf of the health of Colorado kids – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Jaime Travis
Head Mom

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