Happy Holidays – Rest Up!

clean_air_blowA lot has happened in the last couple of months with Colorado Moms Know Best!

After meetings at the capitol, running some ads with health professionals and even getting a guest editorial printed in the Denver Post; Governor Hickenlooper proposed the strongest air quality standards for oil & gas emissions in the country! 

Obviously, we didn’t single-handedly convince the Governor, but I do think that the thousands of you from across Colorado who signed our letter to the Governor deserve a lot of the credit! I am so thankful for all of your support and grateful that once fully enacted these air quality rules will cut back emissions from oil & gas drilling at a level equal to if all the cars in Colorado stopped driving for an entire year!

Not everyone is as excited about strong air quality standards as we are. Some of the oil & gas industry will be trying to weaken these rules before they get final approval, so we will need your help to make sure that the high air quality standards we’ve worked so hard on do not get watered down before the final vote in February.

For now, enjoy the time with your family and when you’re thinking of all the things you’re thankful for I hope you include cleaner air for all our families in Colorado.

Best Wishes for a Happy & Healthy 2014!

Jaime Travis
Head Mom

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