Today’s AQCC Meeting

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It was a packed house this morning at the Air Quality Control Commission’s (AQCC) final monthly meeting prior to releasing its highly anticipated air quality regulations. Already 1 out of every 10 kids in Colorado have asthma and a report released today by the World Health Organization named air pollution as “a leading environmental cause of cancer deaths” so it’s imperative that the AQCC set high air quality standards so the air our families breathe won’t make them sick.

We at Colorado Moms Know Best (CMKB) were very proud of our very own Andrea Roy who spoke eloquently about the need for the Commission and the Governor to reinforce the public’s faith that the state values and protects the health of all Coloradoans by enacting common-sense standards.


Along with CMKB, representatives from a number of different organizations, as well as everyday citizens, spoke about the need for the commission to enact strong air-quality standards. The speakers included a doctor from National Jewish Hospital in Denver who spoke of the vast negative health effects of oil and gas emissions; a pastor who spoke on behalf of his many parishioners asking the AQCC to protect our State’s water and air, and several moms who spoke passionately on behalf of protecting the health of Colorado’s children. It was clear from the diversity of speakers that Coloradoans are serious about wanting their government to protect the health of its citizens as well as the beauty of our state.

We at CMKB are hopeful that the AQCC will indeed protect the health of our children and families by standing strong and creating air quality standards which dramatically reduce lung-damaging ozone pollution and dangerous climate change emissions coming from oil and gas operations. This is a critical time, the AQCC is expected to release its draft rules prior to its next meeting in late November, so if you’re concerned about the effect of these emissions on your family’s health please join the 8,000 plus moms who have already signed our letter to Governor Hickenlooper.

Jaime Travis
Head Mom
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