Andrea R., Mom of Two, Boulder County


Meet Andrea R., Mother of 2, living in Boulder County:

When I first moved to Erie I had no idea that I was moving to the middle of an oil field.  I saw the condensate tanks and I really had no idea that they were related to oil and gas development. That is until I received an email from my neighbor about fracking site about 600 yards from my children’s’ school.  I had not previously heard of hydraulic fracturing so I looked into it.  What I found disturbed me; fresh water permanently taken from the Earths hydrologic cycle, laced with toxic, cancer causing chemicals; being injected into the ground.  Not to mention the toxic wastewater that is produced and the pollution inducing emissions that leak from the tanks and pipes.  I was appalled that this type of heavy industrial activity would be occurring a mere few hundred feet from people’s homes, schools and parks.

The Oil and Gas Industry are a major contributing factor to the diminished air quality along the Front Range.  They are responsible for 30% of all methane emissions and in turn are responsible for the increase of lung damaging ozone along the Front Range.  The industry needs to be held accountable for polluting our air and they need to institute some common sense measures to cut down on smog inducing pollution.

~ Andrea R.