Who are Colorado Moms Know Best? 

Colorado Moms Know Best is a network of moms and friends who are looking out for our children’s health and well being by protecting Colorado’s outdoors and quality of life.  We are working to connect with other concerned moms by building our online network and hosting get-togethers throughout the state.

We are deeply concerned with the air quality for our children and future generations, that’s why we support strong national carbon pollution standards.  Climate change and dangerous levels of green house gases are not good for our kids or Colorado’s future.  For far too long pro-coal special interests have lobbied to ensure that there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution from coal plants — putting the coal industries profits over the welfare of our families’.  The Environmental Protection Agency, for the first time ever, is setting limits for carbon pollution from power plants, but this is only the first step.

 Join the fight for our kids’ futures today.

Colorado is a leader in clean energy and is well positioned to continue to increase cost-effective renewable energy solutions and reduce our need for dirty power plants.  We have shown we can all come to the table and make strong rules that work for everyone when it comes to oil and gas development and air quality standards – now it’s time to do the same for reducing carbon pollution

 Join us today to stand for clean air and to reduce dangerous greenhouse gases – our kids’ futures depend on it.


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